My Opinion Of Laser Etching

My Opinion Of Laser Etching

Laser etching is a process whereby a laser imprints an image or pattern permanently into a solid material. The etching is done using a special laser etching machine with an excimer laser. This laser is the same one used in LASIK eye surgery and consists of an intense, highly powerful ultraviolet laser beam. The method is called laser ablation and involves etching the image with virtually no heat and in as much detail as possible. The laser used does not actually burn the image into the solid material as with engraving, it merely dissolves portions of the material as the short, quick pulse of the laser passes over it. This means that you can etch very intricate patterns and images like photographs into wood, glass, acrylic and more.

Laser Etching Machine

A laser etching machine utilizes various different lasers and laser etching equipment, such as different size lenses, than that of other engraving machines in order to carefully render an image without causing any damage to the surrounding material. There are different machines that can be used for different materials, but many high powered options can provide the ideal etching solution for any material, including glass, acrylic, wood, metal, leather and more. Additionally, there are numerous engraving machines that can also mark and etch items. Finding a top laser etching machine is easy if you look online. These can range from smaller hobby machines to the larger, commercial machines. The most important things to ask about when shopping for a top laser etching machine are the warranty details, which should also include replacement parts, the price and the operation. You also need to make sure that the machine is easy to operate with various built in functions and easily programmable software. Depending on what you require the laser etching machine for, you can get high powered ones to create many objects in a short space of time, or a slower, more precise one for creating one-of-a-kind items.

Laser Glass Etching

In laser glass etching, an image is created in 3D using specialized software which is then converted into X, Y, and Z coordinates ready to be etched into a solid block of acrylic or glass. This requires the use of an ND:YAG laser which creates micro fractures, also known as cloud points. Aside from the 3D etching sub surface laser process, laser glass etching can also be performed on flat glass objects, or on cylindrical objects like wine glasses, where a rotary attachment is required. The laser will use a depth of field to ensure the correct focal point onto the item being etched, giving you a clean, clear image that has a frosty appearance. With laser glass etching it is recommended that you use a cheap glass that has no metal additives.

Laser Etching Wood

Wood is notoriously difficult to etch, as there are so many different types of wood with varying porosities and colors. Obviously the lighter the wood, the better, with the top three choices being Alder, Cherry, and Pacific Coast Maple. Aside from being light, they also have the highest concentration of natural resin, which gives the image its dark shades as the image is burned. There are instances where certain trees are cut down during winter, and this causes pale stripes in the wood where there is not enough resin, as the rest of the wood. This can ruin laser etching wood photo artworks. Similarly, some woods can streak quite a lot, which is not desired for any photographic wood etchings or artwork. With laser etching, the best effects are always achieved using an image with high contrasts in the grayscale copy. The best thing to do with any laser etched wood product is to test out the piece of wood first, by engraving the back of it. Usually companies engrave their logo or an emblem on the back to test the wood.

Laser Etching Machine Prices

There are many different types of laser etching machines, with the price depending on the quality of the machine, the size, and the type of laser used. Laser etching machine prices can range from around $7000 to $28,000 depending on the list of features and functions. You can also find great quality used laser etching machines which might be older models, but that still get the job done.
So, if you are looking to create intricate, brilliant works of art, which can include your own drawings, photos, or any image of your choice, some of the best options include using quality machines and equipment to create laser etching wood or laser glass etching items.

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